Deposit and Payment of Hedgehogs

In order to be put onto our waiting list for a baby hedgehog and for a great choice of baby hedgehogs to choose from, we must receive a deposit of $50, once your application has been approved. This is a non refundable deposit so if you change your mind, the deposit will not be refunded. The amount of your deposit will be deducted from the balance you owe at pick up. Your deposit can be moved to a different hedgehog, or a different litter though we will only allow you to switch your deposit to a different litter once. Please only ask to be added to our waiting list for a hedgehog if you are sure that it is the right choice for you.

Once you have been approved and are on our waiting list, we will email you when it is time to choose your new baby. Once you have chosen your new little hoglet we require 50% of the hedgehogs total price to be paid to hold your baby until they are ready to be picked up at 7-8 weeks old. If you cannot pick up your hedgehog at the Ready to Leave Date, we are willing to hold on to it as long as he or she is paid in full.

For your convenience we accept PayPal (5% fee applies), money orders and cash for your deposit. For pick-up you can pay by cash, credit card (using Square) or through PayPal (we have a computer on hand that you can use for making payment).

Refund/Exchange Policy

If you find that the hedgehog is not working out for you, we will offer to exchange the hedgehog. All exchanges must be made within 30 days. Only healthy hedgehogs that are returned to us are able to have access to this exchange policy. If a buyer decides for whatever reason, that a hedgehog is not the right pet for them or needs to return a healthy hedgehog (and can't or does not want to exchange the hedgehog), we will buy back the hedgehog for the following pro-rated amounts*:

Note: Shipping & Delivery Costs are non-refundable. This policy does not apply to a hedgehog returned to us which is not healthy or is injured for reasons that were the buyer's fault (or due to negligence). This includes but is not limited to, poor diet, drafty/cold living conditions, harm caused by the owner, owner's children/guests, or owner's other pets! Also, hedgehogs do not do well around cigarette or other smoke. If you or someone else smokes in the environment where the hedgehog will be kept, we will not exchange the hedgehog because it is likely that another hedgehog would not do well there either. Hedgehogs are extremely sensitive to scent.


Curious Quills retains a partial ownership of all babies sold here at Curious Quills. What this means is when you purchase a hedgehog from Curious Quills it is fully your pet, you are responsible for all care costs including housing, feeding, veterinary care, etc. However, if at any time you decide a hedgehog is not the right pet for you or circumstances change the hedgehog must either be returned to Curious Quills at buyers expense/time or Curious Quills be contacted so they can help to re-home the hedgehog to another knowledgeable owner. You may not sell or give away your hedgehog with out contacting Curious Quills first (this helps in transferring the guarantee/warranty and to ensure the hedgehog is going to a new great home who is familiar with hedgehogs and their care requirements) While this may sound harsh we do this to ensure that the hedgehog we helped to create is always properly cared for and loved. If you need to bring back you hedgehog within 30 Days please see our above Pro Rated amount for refunds.