Carolina Storm Wheels

We also offer Carolina Storm exercise wheels for $40. We use these wheels for all our own hedgehogs and highly recommend them for all our hoglets and anyone who already owns a hedgehog who would like to have a safe, quiet and easy-to-clean wheel.

More hedgehog supplies coming soon!

Mealworms Available

We have mealworms available to treat that special hedgie in your life.
Each container of 100 mealies is $3.50 or 3 containers of 100 mealies for $10.00

Pick-up only or free delivery to any location in the City of Burlington (with a minimum $6.00 supplies order).

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing mealworms.

Food Mix

Quality food mix for your hedgehog companion containing a balanced diet of 35% protein, 15% fat, and 12% fibre for your hedgehog companion. $17 per 800g bag, with shipping available at an additional cost.

Please contact us for order and custom shipping rates.